Atomy Review – Is this the MLM business opportunity for you?

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Atomy Business Opportunity Review

Free to Join

Compensation Plan


Training and Support


Business Difficulty



  • Free to join
  • Has products for multiple niches
  • Sells products that are backed by science


  • Earning retail profits is almost impossible
  • Your income depends on recruitment
  • Disadvantage for people with no sales experience
  • The compensation plan makes it hard for members to earn decent income

Atomy (or Atom美) is a Korean-based MLM company that claims to be steadily growing by 30-40% since it was launched.

All thanks to its high-quality products sold at the lowest prices by more than 3 million of its distributors worldwide.

Furthermore, Atomy also proudly touts that its success has something to do with its Christian values and principles. Principles that originates from the saying, “Honesty and goodness is the best policy.”

Despite all this, there are plenty of mixed Atomy reviews on and off the Internet.

Some people question the legitimacy of its operation. Others doubt its products and some talk about the suitability of this business.

Can Atomy really “cherish your spirit”, and are their products really “high-quality”?

These are what we will be discussing in this review together with the 12 crucial things about Atomy to help you decide if this business is for you.

If you are only interested in the business opportunity, you can jump straight to #7.

1. Atomy’s “Unique” strategies are working for the company

Since its launching in 2009, the company has successfully established roots in the USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and several other countries over the past decade.

Atomy attributes this success to its core values and its Masstige Strategy; Absolute Quality + Absolute Price.

It also uses a global hub system called GSGS (Global Sourcing Global Sales), which is advertised as a feature that allows people around the world to access their quality products.

During the publication of this review, their products are already available to these countries:


But while there are still plenty of territories that aren’t covered by its operation…

It seems that Atomy’s strategies are working for them.

The company and its associates claim that in 2017 alone, Atomy already hit the 1 billion dollar mark for its global sales.

2. The company founder is a Big Deal in Korea

The man behind Atomy is Park Han-Gil (aka Han-Kil Park, Han-Gil Park or Han-Gill Park).


In August 2019, Park Han-Gil was featured in the monthly issue of Forbes Korea. 

He also appeared in a couple of marketing and inspirational videos of Atomy, but other than that, the whereabouts of Mr. Park is unknown.

As much as Atomy talks about values and principles, they seem to be lacking in transparency.

The company website doesn’t provide sufficient information about its founder.

On the bright side, Park Han-Gil seems to have not been involved in some kind of shady business or scandals in the past, unlike some founders of other MLM companies.

In fact, with his leadership, Atomy has earned different awards and recognition.

3. The first MLM company to receive CCM

Atomy CCM Award

Atomy is the first company in the network marketing industry to gain a Consumer Centered Management (CCM) certification

It is a recognition given to a company that maintains consumer-centered management and uphold a win-win relationship with all its stakeholders, partners, customers, and communities.

Atomy has exceeded domestic sales of 1 Trillion ₩ (South Korean Won) in 2019 and received the $100 million Export Tower.

Before this, it is notable that Atomy garnered awards like the $5 million Export Tower Award in 2011, $30 Million Export Tower in 2016, $63.5 Million in 2017, $50 Million Export Tower, and $83.7 Million in 2018.

Note: The Export Tower Award is a prize given by KITA (Korea International Trade Association) to outstanding Korean exporting companies.

4. Atomy has almost every product to serve your needs

The company offers a wide range of products that includes nutritional supplements, food, beverages, skincare, cosmetics, and home products.

It even sells its own toothbrush and kitchen utensils!

Atomy Products

When it comes to health and wellness products, Atomy is in competition with very similar MLM companies like USANA or Jeunesse.

But Atomy’s most popular products are Skin Care 6 System and HemoHIM.

They are backed by Government institutions, Kolmar, a leading manufacturer of cosmetics, skincare, home care, and many other products since 1921, and KAERI (Korea Atomy Energy Research Institute).

The same government institutions (Kolmar and KAERI) helped Atomy develop HemoHIM, after eight years of research, in a quest to help boost the immune system for their employees working with radiation.

Moreover, Korean beauty products have a reputation for being industry leaders.

In my opinion, Atomy products are worth checking out.

And, as distributors of the company, this the kind of reputation you need to sell product effectively.

5. HemoHIM is Clinically Proven to Provide Health Benefits

Atomy HemoHIM

HemoHIM is a patented ingredient in the United States that provides health benefits and is described as:

“Herbal composition for improving anticancer activity, immune response and hematopoiesis of the body, and protecting the body from oxidative damage”. (United States Patent 06964785)

Another study performed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NBCI) in 2017 confirms the health benefits of HemoHIM.


NCBI is a part of the United States National Library of Medicine, which is a branch of the National Institutes of Health.

HemoHIM stands for Hemo (Hemoglobin), H (Hematopoiesis), I (Immune), and M (Modulation).

As the sole distributor of HemoHIM, Atomy becomes one of the rare MLM companies that sell food supplements that are backed by actual scientific studies.

6. Purchasing in Atomy’s Online Store is Exclusive to Members’ Only

With its impressive reputation, it wouldn’t be surprising if you want to sample HemoHIM or other Atomy products.

While Atomy displays and showcases its products on its online stores; however, if a visitor clicks on any listed products to buy, they simply can’t.

Only Atomy Members Can Purchase Products Online

Membership is required to buy any Atomy products.

Even if an Atomy sales rep referred you to the company site, you still have to fill up a membership form and complete the process to become eligible for purchase.

You’d be lucky if you know any Atomy sales rep, then you can just purchase products from that person. However…

You can buy Atomy Products on other Online Retail Outlets

While the company policy clearly prohibits selling and promotion of Atomy products on the Internet except for the company website itself…

You can easily find Atomy products being sold in various online retail outlets such as Amazon or Lazada.

They are sold “probably” by a member, however, they may not know they have violated the policy.

Also based on what I’ve seen, Atomy products on these outlets are more expensive than the usual retail price. But it is the “price” to pay if you want to skip all the hassle of the signing up process.

But in the event that you are planning to use these products in the long run, it would benefit you to become an Atomy member yourself.

On the flip side, this is a serious concern for Atomy distributors. With Atomy products available elsewhere, many would lose sales.

Because let’s face it.

Much like yourself, most of your online customers will not be willing to undergo the hassle of completing a membership form just to purchase a product.

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Perks of becoming an Atomy member

Speaking of promotion, you can push your prospects to complete the registration form by educating them on the benefits of doing so. As an Atomy member, a person will enjoy:

  • Ability to purchase in bulk at discounted prices.
  • A 100% return policy.
  • An opportunity to make extra income through reselling products or through recruitment commissions.

It won’t cost you anything to join Atomy. There are also no hidden costs involved and no purchase obligations. But wait!

7. Atomy’s Compensation Plan is simple, BUT…

The company uses a binary compensation plan where you will be given two sales legs, the left, and the right. 

Personally, I am not a fan of this business model because it is tough to get money out of. This is how it works:

When you first join Atomy as a distributor, you will be placed at the top. Once you recruit someone to join Atomy, you can position him/her on either your left or right side.

PV or Point Value drives the Atomy compensation plan, and your income is proportional to the PV that you earned. 

You can accumulate PV through purchases of products made by you (personal) or your recruits (GV – group volume) on both your left and right leg.

The leg that accumulates the higher amount of PV will be referred to as “Larger Point Leg.” The other one will be referred to as the “Smaller Point Leg.”

Your accumulated PV on both legs plus your “personal” PV determines your Atomy Dealership Class.

Your Dealership Class, in turn, determines the “Commission Payment Conditions” in your Atomy business.

Important: The company pays you commission based on the Smaller Point Leg.

Atomy Dealership Classes and Potential Income

Atomy Dealership Classes

These are the 5 Dealership Classes within the Atomy Compensation Plan based on the image above.

  • Sales Rep – Atomy member who accumulated 10,000 to 299,999 PV.
  • Agent – 300,000 PV or a Sales Representative with a smaller leg of at least 600,000 PV accumulated in the previous month.
  • Special Agent – Members who earn a minimum of 700,000 in personal and team PV, or an Agent with a smaller leg of at least 1.4 million PV accumulated in the last month.
  • Dealer – Minimum 1,500,000 PV or a Special Agent with a smaller leg of at least 3 million PV accumulated in the previous month.
  • Exclusive Distributor (E.D.) – Atomy member who accumulates at least 2,400,000 PV or a Dealer with a smaller leg of at least 4.8 million PV accumulated in the previous month.

You Dealership Class will then determine the scores you get, which reflects your commissions. The score is as follows

As I am writing this Atomy review, each score point translates to more or less $4.6 depending on the movement of South Korean Won against USD.

Aside from the Dealership Classes, you can also achieve “Mastership” ranks to unlock more commissions.

The Masters’ Bonus will be up to 20% of the entire sales PV. The commission distribution will be as follows:

Master's Bonus Commissions

For a deeper understanding, here’s a recent video of the Atomy compensation plan. (Skip to minute 10:00)

I am fine with the way Atomy’s compensation plan is designed. However, I have a few concerns that you might relate to.

8. You must be comfortable in the sales environment

To earn commissions from the Atomy compensation plan, you first need to accumulate at least 10,000 PV.

During this review, 10,000 PV roughly translates to $15 to $18, depending on the Atomy product you purchase.

Nothing wrong with that except that this is a monthly requirement. Considering the hassle a customer has to undergo just to purchase a product from the Atomy Shopping Mall, you are less likely to make sales online.

Therefore, it is likely that you will use your own money to purchase products just to qualify for commissions.

And if you want to earn retailing profits, you must resort to personal selling, and your salesmanship will be put to the test.

For people who are experienced in selling, this is a non-issue. 

Unfortunately, most people are not an adept salesperson, and if you belong to this category, you have a tough road ahead of you.

It will be likely that your primary go-to prospects would be your friends and family only and though they may support you at first…

They are likely not the right people to help you succeed in your Atomy business.

9. You must find the right teammate

Because Atomy pays you based on the Smaller Point Leg. Therefore it only makes sense that you do your best to balance out the PV earned on both sides to earn better commissions.

This is why you must learn how to find the most suitable people under your team.

Someone who shares the same passion, ideals, and interests as you an not just anyone you can find – yes, I am talking about your family and friends.

You need to find the right kind of people and position them on each of your sales legs to maximize your potential income.

The problem with Binary compensation plans like Atomy and USANA is that it is very hard for distributors to earn money unless both legs are productive.

10. Training and support is lacking

Except for the events and special gatherings…

Atomy does not appear to conduct regular training sessions that offer significant support to its independent distributors – especially to the new ones.

This is probably why some members are not properly informed about the company policy, e.g, selling Atomy products online is prohibited.

Furthermore, your financial success in Atomy highly depends on achieving higher ranks. This is only possible with advanced sales and network marketing skills.

Skills like getting constant prospects, finding the right people in your team, promoting your products effectively, and etc is something that can’t be learned overnight.

The company is lacking in this department, and as a result, this herculean responsibility falls to the sponsors, or simply YOU.

Once you start recruiting people, which you must if you want to make money with Atomy, it will be your responsibility to teach and guide your team.

For you to be capable of doing that, you have to step up. You have to do what you can to acquire and learn the skills to be successful in this business.

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11. Recruitment is the name of the game

It doesn’t require someone to be an MLM expert to realize that to make a decent income with Atomy, you will need to build a large sales team.

Not because Atomy pays you to recruit people but for you to accumulate as much PV as you can.

Earning profits by selling Atomy products online is almost improbable. Thanks to its strict purchasing requirements and selling person to person alone won’t get you anywhere.

Thus, you will have no choice but to recruit and recruit and recruit people.

And this practice of heavy emphasis on recruitment to make money is how a pyramid scheme works.

12. And Finally, Atomy is not a scam

I am confident that this company is not a scam. Despite all the negative Atomy reviews and a questionable business compensation model:

  • Atomy has real products that are backed by science.
  • The flagship product sold is a government-funded project.
  • Many of their products are FDA registered (although they do not have the need to).
  • I’ve not seen a complaint about distributors not getting their paycheck, or customers not getting a refund when requested.

However, legitimacy isn’t enough of a deciding factor for you to join this company.

MLM businesses like Atomy are not for everybody.

Conclusion: My Humble Advice

If you are really keen on joining Atomy, do it not for the sake of making money but because you genuinely believe the potential of its products.

And to experience its benefits truly, try the Atomy products yourself. Not just HemoHIM, but try as many products as you can. 

Because once these products have done wonders in your life, only then you will truly be passionate to promote the company.

Furthermore, you need to understand that based on a study conducted by the FTC, MLM business has an abysmal success rate.

To avoid sharing the same fate with over 95% who failed this industry…

I humbly recommend that you equip yourself with the proper set of skills and knowledge in network marketing.

Yes, there are training and seminars conducted by Atomy, but it isn’t nearly enough.

If you genuinely wish to succeed in this business, it falls in your own hands to do something about it.

Free Atomy Training: Learn how to maximize your income online

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Thank you for taking the time to read this Atomy review.

I do hope that you find this helpful. Especially in finding out if Atomy is the business opportunity you were looking for.

If you have any questions or you want to voice out your opinions, please do so in the comment section below.

Until here and whatever you decide, I wish you all the success.

Your pal,


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