How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Blog – 10 Awesome Tips

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One thing you have to understand before everything else is that your content on your website is more important than your domain name.

Amazon, Alibaba, Airbnb, Google, Yahoo, Bing…

They are all some made up names, but it is what they do that made us remember what those names represent.

So, your content on your website is what defines your domain name.

But of course, selecting a memorable domain name is also important, because it will stick with you for as long as your business is running.

And, it is definitely something personal.

So, in this article, I am going to share with you the 10 guidelines to help you choose a domain name for your blog, the awesome way…

#1 Tip: Keep Your Domain Name Short

First, you should keep your domain name short, but honestly, it is easier said than done.

But, hear me out…

If you can a find a domain name for your blog that is lesser than 15 characters, which is totally possible, then it is considered short.

The key here is to keep it as short as humanly possible, but this is just a guideline.

I do see long domain names that are successful.

I am just suggesting that longer domain names are harder to remember.

How does “” sound?

#2 Tip: Keep it Below 6 Syllables

Not only should your domain name be short.

It is advisable to keep it below 6 syllables, because it is easier to remember.

Just check out these examples…

Read it out loud and ask yourself if it is easier to remember domain names with many syllables…

  • Bare naked scam – 4 syllables
  • Sprout Marketer – 4 syllables
  • Wholesome Baby Food – 5 Syllables
  • Canine Dimensions – 5 Syllables
  • Dog Training Revolution – 7 Syllables
  • Karen Pyro Academy – 8 Syllables
  • Animal Humane Society – 9 Syllables

You get what I mean now, right? The more syllable there is, the harder it is to remember.

#3 Tip: Make it Easy to Understand

Let’s check out these made up names.

  • – sounds good, something about health, but I don’t know what veracity means!
  • – Do you know what Obstreperous means? Don’t check the dictionary.

These domain names have really good meaning…

Health Veracity actually means the Truth about Health.

And, Obstreperous child actually means noisily and stubbornly defiant child.

If you understand the meaning, you can easily resonate with it.

But unfortunately, many people would need to look up a dictionary.

Maybe you know the word, but the many doesn’t, so try to avoid them.

#4 Tip: Is it Scalable?

I will give you a very good example. My own domain name

It is actually quite a unique name and I really love it, but I am limited to exposing scams or talk about business opportunities.

But, if I want to start educating people about online businesses or something like that, the domain name becomes not relevant anymore.

Let me ask you, will you trust to deliver a super useful marketing content that help with your business?

You get the meaning, right?

But this is totally up to you, you just have to keep this in mind when you are choosing a domain name for your blog.

Always have a long term picture or a business goal when you are setting up your website.

When I first started with, I didn’t think that far.

#5 Tip: Avoid Dash, Hyphen, and Numbers

Personally, I would avoid hyphens and numbers at all cause…

Because firstly, domains with these characters are hard to remember.

And secondly, according to, the use of these characters strong correlates with spammy behavior.

However, I wouldn’t discount the fact that there are successful websites which have hyphens in their domain name.

So, you have to make the call.

I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you have a very good reason to keep a hyphen in your domain name, then by all means.

#6 Tip: Go for a .Com Extension

Of course this is the perfect solution, but most .com domain names are already taken at this stage.

But, there are methods to snag up a good “.com” domain name, which I will share with you in this article (coming soon).

If you have no choice but to buy a “.net” or a “.org”, here’s what I suggest you do.

See if anybody is running the same brand name with the .com extension or is it just somebody who bought and hold the .com.

You don’t want to choose a domain name for your blog that conflicts with other brands with a .com domain.

Majority of the people remembers a “.com” rather than a “.net” or something else, you don’t want to give your traffic sources to someone else.

#7 Tip: Is Your Domain Name Easy to Remember?

Normally, if you have a domain name that is unique, easy to spell, and it creates an impression, people will remember it more often than those that are generic.

For example, every person I told about my website still remembers it even after years.

I went to a army reunion after so many years, and my friends still asked me if my bare naked scam website is still doing well.

That’s how I know that my website is memorable.

But of course you don’t want to take a few years to know if your domain name is memorable.

Here’s a trick you can use to know if it is memorable.

First, read your domain name back to yourself, and ask yourself if your domain name is easy to read.

And, does it relate to the business you are about to start?

Another method is to tell a friend or a family member about the domain name idea you have…

And, tell them what your website is going to be about…

Then, revisit them a few hours or days later and ask them if they remember the name of your website.

Chances are if the domain name is memorable, they will remember part, if not the entire domain name. That’s how you know it is memorable.

#8 Tip: Is Your Domain Name Brandable?

Does your domain name sound like a modern company name, like Google, shopify, Amazon?

Having a branded domain name also helps with SEO with the latest 2018 update in search engine algorithm.

They do take into considerations when people do a branded search term because it tells google that you are an authority in the niche.

For example, if someone is searching for a resource on Google and they start off with your domain name.

Like the search term “sproutmarketer how to choose a domain name for your blog” it actually tells google that you are an authority when it comes to selecting a domain name.

And, if you have an article or a content that satisfy the search term, google will put more weight when it comes to giving rankings to the search term “how to choose a domain name for your blog”.

But, the problem with having a branded domain name is that it takes a lot more explaining before someone gets what you are all about.

That is unless your brand name is descriptive like Shopify or Toys R Us.

Personally, I’d recommend choosing a descriptive brand for your domain name.

Unless, you are selling a super cool product that needs a swagy and funky name.

#9 Tip: Does Your Domain Name Conflict with other Brands?

Now, you should be careful about infringing other brand names.

For example, if you are a ecommerce store, you don’t want to use a domain like, and

It only make sense, right?

You do not want to receive a cease and desist letter after your business has gain some traction.

So, before you choose a domain name for your blog, make sure that the name that you choose does not conflict with other brand names.

Do some background search on the name.

You should go to websites like United States Trademark and Patent office or thomas registry to see if your domain name conflicts with others.

#10 Tip: Are You Happy with Your Domain Name?

Finally, this is the most important one.

Can you stand behind your domain name.

Before I started, I had many other domain names.

But, they just didn’t kick off, because it just didn’t feel right.

I had…


And, I just couldn’t bring myself to progress with them, no matter how nice they sound.

Let's Recap...

Here are the 10 tips to choose a domain name for your blog, the awesome way:

  1. Keep your domain name short (below 15 characters);
  2. Keep it below 6 Syllables;
  3. Easy to Understand
  4. Scalability
  5. Avoid Hyphens and Numbers
  6. Go for a .com extension
  7. Easy to Remember
  8. Brandable
  9. Doesn’t infringe other Brands
  10. Are you comfortable with it

Again, this are just guidelines to help you choose an awesome and memorable domain name.

So, don’t get too caught up with it. Choosing a domain name shouldn’t be a roadblock for you.

If you are having trouble thinking of a good domain name, do check out this article (coming soon).

It will share with you some tips and tricks to brainstorm good domain name ideas.

All the best to you and your business.

Your friend,


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