Heal Worldwide Review: 9 Critical Things You Need to Know Before Joining

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Heal Worldwide Business Opportunity

$49.97 to $3,644.97

Compensation Plan


Training and Support


Business Difficulty



  • Diverse products for multiple niches
  • Promotes decent health products by well-recognized manufacturer
  • Low start-up cost


  • Founder's previous affiliation with shady companies
  • Digital marketing products might be obsolete
  • Pay to Play system (Too many Upsells)
  • People who join late are at great disadvantage
  • Lucrative but controversial compensation plan

Don’t you dread showing up at a job that you are not passionate about? Aren’t you sick of the same daily routine?

Heal Worldwide claims to have the solution for you, touts Stephen Munson, together with over 60,000 of its VIP members.

Stephen speaks of Heal as a turn-key remote business that is set-up to pay you a lifetime of residual income when you sell their “world-class” products.

But, can this company really live up to their promises? That’s what we are going to talk about in this Heal Worldwide review.

Here are 9 critical things you need to know about this business opportunity. So, let’s get started.

1. Heal Worldwide is a “Hybrid” Affiliate Marketing Company

Founded by Stephen Munson in 2014, the company is promoting health and wellness products (from APCO), together with high-ticket digital products for personal and financial development.

Heal Worldwide All Products

I say “hybrid” because Heal uses both the affiliate marketing concept and a lesser-used Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) compensation plan called “Monoline”.

It is a straight-line compensation plan where the timing of entrance to the company is most important. We will talk more in-depth about it below.

One of the reasons why Heal Worldwide is gaining a lot of popularity is because of its unique compensation plan where people earn money immediately upon joining.

And, their health products are backed by a huge publicly traded firm in Thailand.

However, before you go promoting any product, it is crucial that you first ascertain the credibility of the person behind it.

The last thing you want is to be affiliated with any products or company with the bad press. This could destroy your credibility and might damage your relationship with your family and friends.

2. Who is Stephen Munson? Can we trust him?

Who Is Stephen Munson Heal

Stephen Munson was affiliated with several shady direct selling companies in the past.

Have you heard of Empower Network, DS Domination, and Big Idea Mastermind?

These were popular direct selling companies that sell digital marketing courses, but they do not exist today.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of all the said programs because of their operations that caused their downfall.

Also, MLM companies that sell digital products more often than not get in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

But still, I wouldn’t discredit Stephen for being a part of those programs. He was probably a consumer like myself.

Nonetheless, I think he is a great marketer and he is doing something right with Heal Worldwide, otherwise, it wouldn’t be that popular.

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3. Heal Worldwide is Backed by APCO

APCO (Asian Phytoceuticals Public Company Limited) is a company that specializes in dietary supplements and personal care products developed from natural plant and botanical extracts. 

It is spearheaded by Prof. Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra.

APCO CEO Dr.Pichaet Wiriyachitra

Now, I’ve heard hundreds of health and wellness companies saying stuff like “we have the best products” or “our products are the only this and that.”

But I later found out that they are no more than marketing strategies.

However, it appears that APCO walks the talk.

With Prof. Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra, APCO received prestigious awards and recognitions in recent years.

To mention a few are – Thailand’s Best Company Performance Award, Thailand’s Best CEO Award, and Thailand’s Most Improved corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Nonetheless, Heal Worldwide is just an MLM business acting as a distribution outlet of another health supplement company. In fact…

4. APCO Products are Not Exclusive to Heal Worldwide

Now, VIP members can claim that APCO products are exclusive to the company, but they are actually not.

You see, the products you buy from Heal Worldwide is just a subset of the products owned by APCO.

Here are other APCO manufactured products:

APCO Health Products

If you’ve read APCO’s Annual Report 2013, you will see this:

APCO Annual Report 2013

And, if you read the Annual Report 2018, you will realize that there are 40 Brands and Trademark owned by APCO.

Some of the products are sold on operationbim.com.

So, generally speaking, Heal Worldwide “rented” APCO’s products to be sold on their website. APCO did not create a product exclusively for Heal Worldwide.

But, this is just the business operation side of things, the APCO products are well known and popular in Thailand.

I’ve seen their products in the Pharmacy while I visited Thailand a couple of times.

5. Same Ingredients Different Concentration

Now, I am not a health expert or anything close to that.

But, I figured that there are 4 different kinds of products that serves different purposes, and the prices are the same.

  • TH Plus ($69.99) – A smart, natural and affordable way to keep your body on point against potential health threats.
  • BIM.A ($69.99) – May help support reactive immune systems to help balance and support the immune system response.
  • BIM.D ($69.99) – Contains well-researched ingredients to balance and support the immune system response.
  • BIM.E ($69.99) – Give your eyes an immune system boost!.

However, they all contain the same 5 main ingredients with different concentration:

  • Centella Asiatica
  • Guava Fruit
  • Isolated Soy Protein
  • Black Sesame
  • Mangosteen

Now, if you are a health enthusiast, I would really appreciate your input here. Will the same combination of ingredients produce different results when used in different concentration?

On the side note, I noticed there are many testimonies and positive reviews claiming that the products changed their lives, however…

6. The Supplements are Not Evaluated by the FDA

Heal Worldwide FDA Compliance Statement

Now, this is something to talk about because most of the marketing videos of the company are about how its products helped Stephen overcome his dire health issues.

It is what pushed him to create Heal in the first place.

But with these products not being evaluated by the FDA, it means that they may or may not work for you.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to think less of these products.

What I simply want to point out is to keep an eye on affiliates touting how Heal Worldwide products can do wonders and miracles to your body.

Those are mere speculations and not any form of guarantees.

7. Caution About the Digital Products

Here is the list of digital products sold on Heal:

  • Big Profile Profits ($199) – This course focuses mainly on how to attract targeted leads and traffic through your Facebook profile.
  • I Am 21 Day Challenge ($399) – A self-development course that rewires your brain to achieve greater results in life.
  • Heal Business Class ($497) – When I was writing this Heal Worldwide review, there isn’t information about what are the contents of this course. If you have some new input, please do share it in the comment section below.
  • Heal First Class ($2,500) – Coming soon.

Now, if the products are focused on self-development, like the “I Am 21 Day Challenge”, I personally think it is worthwhile.

I am all for self-development courses as long as it doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for it (which in this case, it is priced reasonably).

However, when it comes to digital marketing courses…

They May Be Outdated

The problem with digital marketing courses is that the change in the environment is rapid.

A strategy may work today, but in a couple of weeks or months, it gets outdated.

For example, before April 2018, marketers are still able to leverage on Facebook to get good organic reach (free traffic) by consistently publishing posts.

But, after April 2018, Facebook announced a major algorithmic change that will drastically reduce the amount of organic reach by publishers.

So, unless a course about digital marketing is constantly updated, you are basically working with a set of outdated principles.

Now, I wouldn’t discredit the Big Profile Profits entirely, because there are some principles taught that are still relevant today.

But, you have to be cautious of literally following the lessons to a tee. And, do not “copy, paste, and post” stuff (content) that tens of thousands of affiliates are using.

Duplicated content only works if a small group of people are posting them.

But, when tens of thousands of people are posting the same stuff, it isn’t effective anymore.

So, my advice is, learn the principles, fact check it, apply the principles (not duplicate content), and post them.

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8. The Compensation Plan Looks like a Recruitment Scheme, But…

You can only earn money from the company if you are a VIP member.

And, to be a VIP member, you need to pay $49.97 per month to stay active.

This price is only applicable if you join VIP within 24 hours. And, if you missed the boat, your price will go back up to $79.97 per month (not $99.97).

This recurring monthly fee entitles you to their marketing platform which includes:

  • VIP Member Dashboard
  • Your Personal Branded Heal Worldwide Website with e-Commerce functionality
  • An Automated Sales Funnel that helps you Upsell products
  • Copy & Paste Marketing System
  • Live Webinar/presentations so you do not need to do the selling yourself
  • Their Heal VIP private Facebook Group
  • Opportunity to participate in their Traffic rotator (meaning they will send you the traffic)

Now, because this fee does not come with any tangible products…

And the digital products (marketing systems) that you get are so focused on helping you recruit VIP members, it sounds like Heal Worldwide is a recruitment scheme.

In fact, if you have gone through any of the marketing materials…

Heal Worldwide Marketing Funnel

You’ll know that they want you to become a VIP member. They are not focused on promoting their health supplement products!

So, whether you see this as a recruitment scheme, it is totally up to you.

But, I’ve seen companies running its business in a similar fashion to Heal, and they were shut down by the FTC.

Scheme or Not, it is Lucrative

There are 7 ways to earn once you are a VIP member.

#1 Coach VIP – You earn a 33% commission whenever you sign up a VIP member (So, it’s $16.48 per month of residual income).

#2 Power Line (1% commission):

As a VIP member, you will also earn a 1% commission ($0.49 per month) from your first 10 VIP Downline (even if you didn’t refer them). Look at it as a straight line queue. When you first join the queue as a free member, you have locked in a position for 24 hours.

For the next 24 hours, there will be people joining the queue (free or VIP). You won’t earn money if you are a free member.

But when you upgrade to VIP within 24 hours, the next 10 people behind you who upgraded to VIP, you’ll earn 1% commission from their membership fee (even if you didn’t refer them).

And, you’ll earn residual income whenever those 10 people keep their VIP membership active month after month.

#3 Digital Products – Earn 33% commission from all digital product sales from your direct recruits.

  • Big Profile Profits – $199 one-time fee (So, you’ll earn $65.67 per sale)
  • I Am (21 Day Challenge) – $399 one-time fee (So, you’ll earn $131.67 per sale)
  • Heal Business Class – $497 one-time fee (You’ll earn $164.01 per sale)

Currently, the 3 above are the only digital products you can earn commissions from Heal.

However, there is at least 1 more Heal digital product to come; the First Class which costs $2,500.

Heal Worldwide Digital Products

#4 Tangible Products – Earn 17% commission from all tangible products.

Currently, all four health products, TH Plus, BIM.A, BIM.D, BIM.E, are priced at $69.99 each, and customers have the option to save 15% if they get on Auto-ship.

Heal Worldwide Products Autoship

So, every time your customer any of these products, you’ll earn:

$11.90 per sale or $10.11 per month (if the customer opted for Auto-ship)

You also earn $4.25 commissions from each sale of the Misti Moments.

#5 Heal Apparel – Earn 20% on all Heal Apparel sales. Currently, there are only 3 products available. T-shirt, Hoodie, and Cap.

  • T-Shirt – $22.99 (Earn $4.60 per sale)
  • Hoodie – $44.00 (Earn $8.80 per sale)
  • Cap – $29.97 (Earn $5.99 per sale)

#6 Global Events – Earn 15% to 50% commissions on all Heal Live events

#7 Diamond Passenger – Not disclosed yet. Not sure if anyone has achieved this.

Heard of a “Pay to Play” System

Even if you are a VIP member, it doesn’t mean that you can earn commissions on all products sold.

You’ve got to own the products to earn a commission from it.

So, if you join only as a VIP member, and one of your recruits bought the “Big Profile Profits” course, you don’t earn the commission.

The commission is passed up to the next qualified affiliate above you.

That is unless you buy the product yourself within 24 hours.

9. Most Successful Affiliates Have Been in the Game for a While

You’ve probably seen these people showing off their back office where they made some money.

Now, I’ve seen these people before.

Like Stephen Munson, they were ex-Empower Network and Digital Altitude affiliates.

They’ve created videos on YouTube and they have done internet marketing stuff before.

So, without the help of Heal Worldwide, they are able to generate those results.

But, they claimed that once you joined, it is easy for you to make money. In my opinion, that is untrue.

While it is true that Heal Worldwide made things easier for its affiliates to make money (because of the automated sales funnel), but it takes more than automation to make things work.

Conclusion: My Sincere Advice

Heal Worldwide is surely a popular business opportunity today.

There are people out there who claimed to have earned money from this company. Others tell stories of how the products save them from their health problems.

Now I am not saying those weren’t true.

But if you are seriously planning to join Heal Worldwide, do it because you truly have a good experience with its products. Try them yourself!

Do not just join for the sake of earning money.

Furthermore, over 95% of people fail in this business according to the study conducted by the FTC.

If you do not equip yourself with the right set of skills and knowledge, you are likely to share the same fate with most of them.

Honestly, I don’t think the “Big Profile Profits” training will get you far, but it is a good start.

Tip for you: Most successful affiliates own a YouTube Channel 🙂

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Thank you for reading this Heal Worldwide review. I hope that you find this useful and worth your while.

If you have any questions or reactions, let me know in the comment section below.

Until here, I wish you success with whichever decision you make.

Your pal,


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