How I Fired My Boss and Still Earn a Full-Time Income Online – My Humble Story

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As of 1 September 2017, I am officially unemployable because there isn't any work on the market that can pay me more than what I am earning from my "part-time" online business.

I've started my online business since 2014 and I am glad, yet humbled that it has grown to this stage.

Hi! My name is Jack, and I want to share with you my story on how I quit my job and still managed to earn a full-time income from my online business.

I'll be very honest with you, whoever that tells you that making money online is easy, they are bulls**ting. Period.

You've probably seen many advertisements that sound something like "3 simple steps to make money online" or "automated online business that makes six figure income".

The fact is, nothing is easy. If it is, then everyone will be doing it already.

However, though the journey is tough, and there is no guarantee...

I always believe that the hard work will pay off as long as you word smart and keep finding answers.

So today, I would like to share with you the steps that I took to achieve my first dollar online, and how I generated a full-time income from my part-time online business that allowed me to fire my boss (gossipy story below).

My Results for August 2017



That's $6,650.50 for August 2017

Results for September 2017



That's $6016.00 for September 2017

Results for October 2017



That's $8,678.70 for October 2017

To some people, these results may not be fantastic, but to many I believe it is a life changing income.

I accredit my success to Wealthy Affiliate, because it has taught me everything I need to know to grow a successful online business.

Not only me, thousands of members are already benefiting from the lessons taught in the program.

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My Humble Story: How it all started...

You see, I started out as a full time employee in the corporate world, and I always wanted to learn how to earn money online and be financially free.

So years ago in 2014, I went on to search for make money online programs, and have tried and tested many of them.

The problem was, most of those programs were either scams or they did not get me anywhere.

Finding a legitimate program was a diamond in the rough.

Sadly, I lost a few thousand dollars to those so called "gurus" who promised heaven but delivered hell.

I was frustrated and defeated at that time, to the point where I wanted to give up the hopes and dreams of becoming financially free.

Luckily, I stopped whining and started to do further research, and that's when I chanced upon Wealthy Affiliate. It looked like a legitimate program and I felt the sincerity of the founders.

But, I was on high alert at that time, and since there was a free trial for the program which didn't require my credit card details, I thought why not just give it a try.

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So, I went ahead with the program with great skepticism.

To my astonishment, that program has provided me a ton of information without paying a single cent, it was something that no other programs (that I paid for) provide.

Did I become successful right away?

I'd love to tell you that it was all rainbows and butterflies after joining Wealthy Affiliate, but in fact, I failed a couple of times before I found success.

Now, this is not a review about Wealthy Affiliate and what it can offer, if you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, I'll explain more to you when you join the free trial here.

This is my story on how I made my first dollar online.

True Story: My First Dollar Online

So, I was taught these are the elements required to create a successful online business:

  1. Finding something that you are passionate about (Niche) and build a business around it
  2. Have an unique idea and angle to connect with people who share the same passion
  3. Find great products in your niche to promote
  4. Create great content that people are interested in
  5. Link the content to affiliate products

I did everything I could, followed all the steps provided, and have been working really hard on my business.

Months fly by, but still, no results...

I was down and out, I felt like I was punched in the face!

Imagine, having to work long hours on my online business during weekdays, right before I head to my full-time job, and after I came back from work, as well as working many hours during the weekends and neglecting my family time.

Plus, the monthly subscription fee for the Wealthy Affiliate membership was eating up my living expense.

Jack Cao - When life gets to you stand up and fight back

All these were for nothing if I didn't achieve any results.

I was at the breaking point yet again, and I wanted out.

But, somehow, I reminded (threatened) myself that if I give up now, I might as well just give up the dream about becoming financially free.

That hit me really hard because I have tried many business opportunities before finding Wealthy Affiliate, and none of them come close to the opportunity that Wealthy Affiliate provides.

So once again, I quit whining and seek help from other members of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

It was then Kyle and Carson (the founders of Wealthy Affiliate), and many other members came to my rescue and showed me the way.

They've given me a lot of advice and I went on to revamp my business.

And, on the 4th month since I joined Wealthy Affiliate...

That first dollar came in!​

And, it was my happiest moment at that time.

You may think that the first dollar is very little, but it does show that your online business is finally working.

In my opinion, earning the first dollar online (profit, not revenue) is the hardest, and once you've breached that milestone, the second dollar and onward will be much easier.

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How My Online business became a Success...

Skip ahead today, you've seen my results above.

Although the first dollar online was made, the journey to expanding the business, is an interesting yet tiresome one.

If you want to be successful online, you can never be complacent.

You have to constantly upgrade your knowledge and put them to good use.

And at the same time, you have to constantly work on your business (writing content, creating ads, social media marketing, etc).

There's never an end game to this.

The hardest part of this journey was the fight against time.

I never had enough personal time, never had enough time for my family, never had enough time for my online business, and the list goes on.

I struggled several years, trying to juggle between my day job, my online business and my family.

This struggle was finally over on 31 August 2017 (the last day of my full-time job).

Now, I am a full-time online entrepreneur, and it leaves me some time to give back to the Wealthy Affiliate community, and to people like you to find success online.

If you are willing, I would be glad to be your coach to assist you on your journey to success.

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The Real Reason I Quit my Full-time job - If you like gossiping read on

I initially intended to work till December 2017, but I had to quit because I felt that I was unfairly treated in my work place.

I am sure after reading this, you probably think that you had that experience with your work place as well.

My boss didn't respect me, my direct manager always takes credit for my work, distrust between employees and the list goes on.

It was just terrible, and working any longer there will destroy my health even further.

I tendered my resignation right in a heated argument with my direct manager (reason being my manager threw me under the bus when things went south - and of course there were many other factors for my resignation, this argument was just the tipping point), and boy, throwing that verbal resignation to my manager's face was the best feeling I can ever get (not that I wished it would happen).

Also, knowing that you don't need to worry about finding a job was really comforting.

I hope you do not need to fire your boss, but I do hope that you will be able to quit your job comfortably without the need to worry about your finances.

If you are ready to take on this challenge to start your success story, then let me be your Wealthy Affiliate coach now.

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