How to Overcome the Fear of Writing – For Online Entrepreneurs

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This article is for you if you want to build a successful online business, but you are afraid of writing.

I know there are many reasons that stopped you from writing.

Maybe it is because you lack the confidence or you are just not proficient enough to write a good content. I know, I’ve been there!

When I first started with my online business, my English sucked, my grammar sucked, and the longest article I’ve written prior to that was 300 words.

Thinking back, it was almost impossible for me to build a business around writing.

So, in this article, I am going to share with you why writing is the most powerful skill you need to grow an online business...

And, I will also share with you a few tips on how I overcome the fear of writing.

Why Writing is One of the Most Important Skill to Master?

Believe it or not, writing is the bread and butter of online business, there is no escaping from this.

Whether you are...

  • Writing a blog;
  • Building up your website;
  • Writing a sales page;
  • Creating a sales funnel;
  • Gaining trust with people through your email list; or even
  • Creating a video content


Don’t think that creating a video is easy, because you can just speak your mind.

Great video content starts with writing a plan or a script. 

Especially if you are trying to get people to take action on something, you need to write and plan your script.

Otherwise, you may just be rambling or speaking in circles.

Ask any successful online entrepreneur, and they will tell you that any materials they’ve created starts with writing. 

You see, as marketers, the only way for you to draw people into buying something is to share a piece of content that attracts people to the product. The product will hardly sell itself.

This is the cold hard truth about starting an online business.

It is a tough job, and a lot of people won’t tell you this up front because it may scare you away, before you even start anything.

Don't Rely on Anyone Other Than You!

And, I understand that there are some product owners who tells you that you can copy and paste their content as if it is yours.

But, as you become over-reliant on other people’s work...

The downside are that...

  • The piece of content is widely used by many other people; and
  • What if the product goes away tomorrow?

How are you going to continually run your business?

Easy! Hire someone to write for you, right?

Think again!

As you are just starting out, the cost is obviously a factor, it is not cheap to hire a writer.

And, if you don’t master the skill of writing yourself, how do you know what to look for in a great content.

Even if your writer produces a lousy content, you may still think that it is great. Is that what you want?

Writing is one of the most important skill! Period.

So, in my opinion, writing is one of the most important skill to master if you ever want to find success online.

Believe me, if you master the skill of writing, you won’t be afraid of going hungry.

Because, this is a highly regarded skill in the online business industry, and in many other industries as well.

If you don’t start an online business yourself, you can start a business providing your writing service. It is basically a life skill.

My "Embarrassing" Achievement. True Story!

Now, I want to share with you my story on how I, as a person who feels intimidated by writing, is able to build a business around writing.

As you know, I didn’t have the qualification to be a writer.

In fact, if you know the education system in Singapore, we follow the Cambridge standard.

And, they have a grading system from A1 to F9.

A1 being the best, F9 being the worst, and the passing great is C6.

Guess what my grade was for English? F9 almost every term, not that I am proud of it.

Overcome the fear of writing - I failed my English!
How to overcome the fear of writing - I failed my English again!

So, if at that point of time, someone were to ask me to write a 1,000 word article, or die...

I will just flat out die there! Just kidding!

But honestly, it was really tough for me.

An article that takes people an hour to complete, will take me a day, that’s how bad I was.

And, to make it worse, my grammar, my sentence structure, my vocabulary, my comprehension, and everything else sucked!

I was definitely not conditioned to be a writer. How I wished I’ve paid more attention in class when I had the chance. 

But, I didn’t give up, and actually it was a course that helped me out and gave me the push to continually write articles even when I sucked.

It is not a writing course, but a course that teaches you how to build an online business step by step.

What I find most helpful was the tasks that the course provide.

Because, as I complete those tasks, it subtly gets you into the habit of writing.

9 Tips on How to Overcome the Fear of Writing

Here are some of the tips that helped me overcome my fear of writing. I hope that these tips can help you too.

Tip #1 - Read A Lot

Not just any books or articles, but the content that matters to your business.

It can be content from your competitors or from experts in the industry.

The key is to learn how others write and structure their content.

If you read enough, you will eventually find your style of writing.

Tip #2 - Write A Lot

This is obvious, if you keep practicing on a single trade, you will eventually master the skill.

This is the best way to improve your language, by practicing.

Not only you will master the skill of writing, you will also become an expert in your field of business.

Because, as you are researching and planning your content, you will pick a lot of knowledge.

Tip #3 - Get in the Habit of Writing

This is very important! To master anything in life, you have to keep doing it, day in, day out!

That's why, you should force yourself to write an article a day or a week, even if you don’t feel like it.

The key is to be consistent and keep up the momentum.

And, if you do this over a long period of time, writing will become a good habit of yours.

Tip #4 - Don’t be Afraid of What Others Think

When your content gets published, you will bound to face criticism.

As a matter of fact, even the most perfect content gets criticized, so don’t take it personally.

There are all sorts of people in the world. 

When I first started writing, I literally have people cursing me because of my bad English.

And, when I showed an article to a friend of mine, he literally said that he won’t read any further...

That's after reading a few sentences. You can imagine how bad it was.

So, I would advise you to not take the criticism negatively (I know this is easier said than done)

But, try to take it positively and improve your writing through those criticisms.

Tip #5 - Don’t be Perfect

If an article or a content you’ve written isn’t that good, it doesn’t matter, just post it.

Let people criticize you, and you improve from there.

The most important thing is to be in the momentum.

If you try to be perfect, you will spend a lot of time on the nitty gritty things that doesn’t really matter.

And, you lose precious time, time that could be used for writing.

Tip #6 - Know Who You are Writing For

This is one of the most important thing as you are running an online business.

If you don’t know who you are “selling” to, then who will actually buy your stuff, right?

So, for any entrepreneurs starting their business, I always advise them to create an avatar.

An Avatar is simply an imaginary human figure that represents the group of people you are trying to sell to (Your target audience).

If you want to learn more about creating an avatar, you can read the article here (Coming Soon).

Tip #7 - Write in a Conversational Tone

The best way to do this is write as though you are talking to a person.

This is why an avatar is important...

Because, when you know who you are talking to, and you understand every nitty gritty details about them, it is easier to communicate with a specific purpose.

Tip #8 - Write with the Intention of Helping Your Readers

Firstly, you are not writing a fiction novel, you are starting an online business.

And, if you want to earn money online, it starts with helping people.

When you have that intention in mind, you will find all means to deliver something useful for your readers.

This will definitely push you towards writing a good content that resonates with people.

Tip #9 - Steal Ideas from Other Writers Ethically

Of course, you don’t copy and paste other people’s work.

You leverage on other people’s idea and you generate your own unique point of view on a certain matter.

That’s what great writers do as well.

My Final Word

I hope these tips will help you overcome the fear of writing.

If you are new to online business and you don’t know where to start...

I would highly suggest that you get started with Wealthy Affiliate, because this is the program that helped me overcome the fear of writing as well as providing a curriculum for me to approach online business in a structured manner. 

And, it is also the reason that allowed me to quit my job and pursue my passion.

I really hope that this article has shown you some insights on what it really takes to run a successful business, especially when you first starting out.

If you were hesitating to write anything for your business, I hope this article did help to inspire you to write.

So, let’s get started on writing, shall we?

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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