8 Simple Steps on How to Write Great Content for Your Blog

How to Write Great Content for Your Blog – 8 Simple Steps

Google is continually updating their search engine algorithm.

Some businesses and web masters were affected by the core Google updates in 2014, and have seen their organic traffic plummeted, while some have gained grounds on their rankings.


But, one element that has always been prevalent regardless of the changes from Google.

That element is Original Quality Content.

If you have always been writing content that is beneficial and provides value to people, you are basically safe from any Google algorithm changes.

But, how exactly do you know your content is a Quality Content?

Here are 8 simple steps on how to write content for your blog.

 #1 Step on how to write Great Content – Keyword Research is the Key to Ranking

You’ve probably heard it many times, “Do Proper Keyword Research“, but, what exactly does it mean, and why is it so important?

We type keywords in the Google Search Engine everyday to find information or answers to our questions.

So, wouldn’t it make sense to know the common keywords people type into Google, and the volume of the keyword being searched?

The higher the search volume of a particular keyword, the higher the demand for knowledge, information and answers on that topic.

Google will rank your article based on the value you can provide to the people searching for the key term.

Here is a video by Matt Cutts, Ex-Chief Google Engineer, who explains how Google Search Engine works:

Once you have identified that particular keyword you wish to rank for, you need to determine who you are writing for and why those people want the information.

#2 Step on how to write Great Content – Know Who You are Writing For

This is the core of all articles being written.

Articles are meant to be read by people who are seeking for something, whether it is for entertainment, information, knowledge, etc.

The crux of writing high quality content for your blog is to provide value to the people who are seeking for your content.

For example:



Everydayroots is in the health and beauty niche. They have written this article “How to Lose Weight Naturally”.

Based on the headline of the article, you will probably get a good idea of who is looking for the content of this article.

“People who want to lose weight, people who want to lose weight without taking medication or pills, people who want to lose weight without exercise”, are just some examples of the types of people who are searching the article.

I personally believe that understanding who you are writing for and why you are writing the article (“Relevancy”) is the key to writing good quality content.

I first step I recommend you do before writing any content, is to create an avatar (coming soon).

At the end of this article, I will share with you my checklist for writing quality content.

#3 Step on how to write Great Content – Write an Awesome Headline for your Content

Studies have shown that majority of the website visitors spends less than 15 seconds on a page.

So, it is crucial to have an attractive headline that will draw your website visitors to your content.

There is no point in writing amazing content when nobody is reading it.

A Great Headline serves 3 purposes, and in this article (coming soon) I will share with you what they are, and how you can write an amazing Headline that compliments your content.

#4 Step on how to write Great Content – Do Research & Organize Your Content

Once you have thought of a great headline, your next step is to write the content.

Well, I know some people would prefer to write their content before thinking of a headline. That’s perfectly fine.

Before you write your content, you need substance.

You may have personal experience with the topic that you are about to write, and even if you do have that experience, you should do some research to see what other website owners have to say.

Little do you know that other website owners may have more experience than you, and you may be missing out if you are sharing lesser than what they are sharing.

organize-wordpress-contentOnce you have gathered your research, you have to organize them and communicate to your website visitors in the manner which is most efficient, effective, concise, and easy to understand.

Organization of your article is imperative. Your website visitors need a direction when they are reading your content.

A typical content flow of my articles will look like this (even within sub-headlines):

  1. Introduction
  2. Facts and Figures
  3. Knowledge and Experience
  4. Opinions (if any)
  5. Solution(s)

One thing I’ve learned about communication, whether it is verbal or written, is that a strong introduction on the items that you will be discussing in your body content, will draw your visitors attention to the details.

As you know, a person’s attention span is as short as a few seconds, so your first paragraph of your article (the “Introduction”) will determine whether your visitors will continue to read or to leave your website.

If you have a different view on this section, please feel free to share it with me in the comment section at the end of this article.

#5 Step on how to write Great Content – Be Interactive and Engaging

What exactly does it mean? How can you interact with your visitors with only words?

I was taught to write as though I was speaking to someone.

So, a trick would be to imagine that you are speaking to someone while you are writing.

write-quality-content-story-sellsIf you are writing an article to share your knowledge, imagine that you are imparting your knowledge in a classroom set up.

Normally, when you speak to someone, you will ask questions, and you would seek for opinions right? Do that as well in your writing, encourage people to share their thoughts with you.

Another trick is to share stories. People love stories, especially the ones that they can relate to.

The stories may come in a form of a testimonial. Sharing stories bring your visitors closer to you, and it builds trust and rapport.

#6 Step on how to write Great Content – Build Trust with Your Visitors

Building Trust Online is one of the most difficult and daunting task any online marketer can face.

A trick would be to write with care and conscience.

People like people who are genuine. If you are able portray to your visitors in words that you can relate to them and you genuinely care for their being, you will most like gain their trust.

Once trust is gained, you will have a higher chance that your visitors will purchase your recommended products or services.

This is called building rapport with your visitors.

You can get further in-depth information on how to build online rapport here.

#7 Step on how to write Great Content – Add Videos and Images

Studies have shown that most website visitors will scroll though an entire webpage if there are relevant pictures and videos throughout.

Let’s face it, humans are visual, pictures and videos attracts us more than plain text.

Obviously, if your pictures and videos are not relevant to your content, the website visitor will be turned-off, and most likely exit your website.

But the problem is, where can you find relevant pictures and videos if you are not producing them?

Here are some websites that allow you to download royalty free images:

#8 Step on how to write Great Content – Be Mobile Responsive

Based on your own experience, when you are reading an article on your mobile, can you tell me if you will exit a webpage if its images and videos are not mobile responsive?

Will you exit the website if it looks like this on your mobile:

Mobile Non-Responsive Content

I personally would. No matter how well the article is written.

It irritates me to have to zoom in and out, and scroll left and right to read the article.

How about you? Share your opinion at the end of this article.

So, how can you ensure that your website is mobile friendly?

First, if you are using Content Management System like WordPress for your website, you need to find WordPress themes that are mobile friendly.

Sometimes, even if your WordPress theme is mobile friendly, the videos that you’ve embedded in your article may not appear to be mobile friendly.

If you have such problem, you can visit this website to get mobile responsive embed code for your video.

As Promised: My Content Writing Checklist

  • Who are you writing for and what do they want?
  • What are the problems and frustrations your visitors face?
  • What are the benefits of the products you are promoting?
  • Have you linked the benefits of the product to its features?
  • Have you emphasized on the problems that will lead readers to act now?
  • Have you gained the Readers Trust?

Have something you would like to share?

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have something to share or you think that my content writing checklist is not comprehensive enough.

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